You Speak, We Listen. New services coming to HRS.

Every inspection is followed up by a survey from our clients, realtors, or contacts. We ask for honest feedback to help make us the #1 choice. We have implemented a number of things from the start of the company that make us the most attractive decision. However, we are not perfect. Last year we implemented the 200% satisfaction guarantee, so there is no risk and using our service. To date we have not had a single request for a refund.

This summer we are adding 2 new services to our menu as a direct result of requests from you. We are finally Infrared certified, and capable of offering IR inspections. There are a couple of logistics left, but we should have this offering in the coming months. An IR inspection helps detect heat, cold, energy loss, and moisture that is not visible to the naked eye and can greatly improve the quality of your inspection.

The other new service is we are in the process of becoming certified pest inspectors, and can offer WDO inspections. We have been trained to identify these things from the start, but with certification we are able to call it out in the report. What this means for you is that your report will be easier to understand when pests are detected, you can request a stand-alone pest inspection, and you can be comfortable that your have a trusted, licensed, and trained pest inspector helping you out.

We work hard to be the most qualified and sought after inspection service in the industry. The feedback from our past clients, and realtors have really helped to make HRS what it is today. So if you have any other ideas that can help us be the premeir service please let us know. We are excited about our new services and can't wait to give you what you said you needed. Thanks

WDO inspector

It's time for a new way to get an inspection.

Having a home inspection is one of the most important aspect of buying a home. A good home inspector will give you an impartial, view of the home you fell in love with. This is important because, regardless of how impartial you feel, you can have blinders on issues in the home as you visualize your family living life in it. That is one of the most rewarding aspect of my job, but I feel frustrated when I see home buyers go with the inspector their realtor recommends. Let me be clear, many of these inspectors are fine. However, I have worked with realtors who appear to have the clients needs at heart, but when I deliver the report, they want to sugar coat the results. I don't aim to scare you, but I will tell you when you have something that should be addressed.

I pride myself in providing a home inspection that the client needs. This is for your protection, to get important things fixed and save you money when possible. I will never say "you should not buy this house", but I will say this needs to be fixed.

It's time for a new way to get an inspection.

Here is what you should expect from a quality inspector.

1) Thorough quick report, we give ours on-site.

2) Covered by insurance, We have 100% liability and (E&O) errors and omissions insurance.

3) Professionally trained and certified by a professional association. We are trained by the #1 home inspector training institute, AHIT and certified by the largest international certified inspector community, InterNACHI.

4) Next, make sure your inspector backs their work up with a guarantee. We give you a 200% satisfaction guarantee with every inspection, who else offers this?

In addition we also give a free home energy report and updates on your homes needs. We are more than a home inspector, we your personal building consultant.

Very few can offer all of this with your inspection, but we offer something even more important, we genuinely care about you and your investment, that is what Home Resource is all about!

So if you truly care about ensuring this purchase is the best investment, you need to use an inspector who cares about you. That is what Home Resource is based around and that is what makes us different. Call us today to get started have the peace of mind you deserve. (425) 998-3159


Are You at Risk for Electrical fire?

Homes built between 1965 to 1972 may have aluminum wiring in them. Aluminum wiring was used more prevalent during a period of time of high copper prices. It was determined that aluminum was a great alternative, however after a number of years it became determined that aluminum would expand and retract with loads of power, and loosen connections. This caused a number of home fires and became a known safety hazard that caused thousands to lose their homes or lives. 

Common signs of aluminum wiring include hot electrical outlet face plates, burning plastic smells near electrical outlets or light switches, flickering lights, or failed electrical outlets. Anytime you have any of these types of indications you should contact a certified electrical contractor to come evaluate the electrical system. 

Greenwood Propane Blast

Another unfortunate blast from a gas leak happened this week this time in the Greenwood neighborhood. Gas is such a great fuel source, It's efficient and clean. Unfortunately if not respected it can be deadly. Reports state that the leak was identified at the meter. The utility company typically inspect these area's. This was the case with the Greenwood business and was found to be ok. Therefore the leak may not have been the only leak, and would have been located if a typical inspection of the furnace and gas test had been done. Fortunately, the business had insurance, but it is sad they have taken such a devestating loss. Fortunately the firefighters, escaped with only minor injuries. Kudos, to our heros.

These events always remind me that I haven't tested my own gas lines in some time, so that's what I am off to do. Have a good week, and always support your neighbors in their time of need.

Gas Leaks Can Kill

Recently there was a news story in Port Orchard of a couple whose home had exploded and leveled their home. It damaged neighbors homes, and knocked numerous items from their shelves. Unfortunately both were killed in the blast, but it gave an opportunity to discuss a problem rarely addressed. The news reported of a likely propane leak as the cause of this accident. Over time pipes can become damaged and leaks can present themselves. Having someone inspect the gas lines for leaks is a quick and easy inspection. One of the most satisfying benefits of being a home inspector is finding safety hazards like this and quite possibly saving someones life. Let me recommend you have your furnace inspected at least once per year by a qualified inspector and prevent tragedies like this in your home.

2016 Charity of the year.

Each year Home Resource Inspections donates 1% profit to the charity of our choice. This coming year, we will donate to a charity for needy children. We are still in discussion on which charity we will support, but are looking forward to contributing to the children of our commuinity. Stay tuned for more info. 

We are looking forward to partnering with charities in the area this coming year and thanks to all of our Home Resource Family who have contributed.

Daniel Arnett

Home Resource Inspections

Home Resource Inspections beginnings

After spending years in the aviation field, both as an electrician and inspector, with the support of my wife and three kids, I decided it was time to start doing what I truly enjoyed...Helping others. It has been my pleasure to have this opportunity to finally do that. Being a home inspector gives me the opportunity to help inform people on one of the largest investments they will ever make, their home. It makes sense to know as much about such an investment as possible. While their are many home inspectors out there to choose from, Home Resource Inspections raises the bar. Not only do we provide a professional home inspections with a beautiful informative report. We also provide a personable inspector who can teach you about the things they have found, and keep teaching you for years to come. While we are not in the business of getting into areas that require other professionals to take a look, we do let you know why it needs to be addressed and how your home works together as a system. You will find that this will add value to your inspection, as you future home care takes shape.

We plan to set a new standard for home inspections and with clients who truly love our service we will get there. It is an exciting time for us, and the home market. Now let us give you the service you need and deserve to make your house a home. Give us a call today for a free quote. (425) 998-3159

Daniel Arnett

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