Greenwood Propane Blast

Another unfortunate blast from a gas leak happened this week this time in the Greenwood neighborhood. Gas is such a great fuel source, It's efficient and clean. Unfortunately if not respected it can be deadly. Reports state that the leak was identified at the meter. The utility company typically inspect these area's. This was the case with the Greenwood business and was found to be ok. Therefore the leak may not have been the only leak, and would have been located if a typical inspection of the furnace and gas test had been done. Fortunately, the business had insurance, but it is sad they have taken such a devestating loss. Fortunately the firefighters, escaped with only minor injuries. Kudos, to our heros.

These events always remind me that I haven't tested my own gas lines in some time, so that's what I am off to do. Have a good week, and always support your neighbors in their time of need.