You Speak, We Listen. New services coming to HRS.

Every inspection is followed up by a survey from our clients, realtors, or contacts. We ask for honest feedback to help make us the #1 choice. We have implemented a number of things from the start of the company that make us the most attractive decision. However, we are not perfect. Last year we implemented the 200% satisfaction guarantee, so there is no risk and using our service. To date we have not had a single request for a refund.

This summer we are adding 2 new services to our menu as a direct result of requests from you. We are finally Infrared certified, and capable of offering IR inspections. There are a couple of logistics left, but we should have this offering in the coming months. An IR inspection helps detect heat, cold, energy loss, and moisture that is not visible to the naked eye and can greatly improve the quality of your inspection.

The other new service is we are in the process of becoming certified pest inspectors, and can offer WDO inspections. We have been trained to identify these things from the start, but with certification we are able to call it out in the report. What this means for you is that your report will be easier to understand when pests are detected, you can request a stand-alone pest inspection, and you can be comfortable that your have a trusted, licensed, and trained pest inspector helping you out.

We work hard to be the most qualified and sought after inspection service in the industry. The feedback from our past clients, and realtors have really helped to make HRS what it is today. So if you have any other ideas that can help us be the premeir service please let us know. We are excited about our new services and can't wait to give you what you said you needed. Thanks

WDO inspector